Name: Katie
Location: Czech Republic
Age: 26
Hockey fan since: 1998
Gagne fan since: 2002
Loves: Hockey, English, writing, WWW, movies, books and too many other stuff to list.
Hates: Let’s not go there.
Favorite NHL team: Tampa Bay Lightning [following all teams where Gagne ends up - Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Kings]




When, how and why Gagne?

My life used to be all about the Lightning. I used to follow only them, I used to have favorite players only among the Bolts. But then Simon came in the picture. As stupid as it sounds I wasn’t attracted by his skills as a hockey player and no, not even his looks. First thing that draw my attention was his name (yes you can start laughing now). I truly fell in love with it the second I found out how to pronounce it. And then it happened – I started to follow him, look for information about him, pictures, hockey cards. And as I grew older and with internet giving me new opportunities, I finally managed to get my jerseys, tshirts, hoodies, posters… you name it, I bought it.

Nowadays, it’s definitely not just about his name anymore. Throughout the years, as I grew as a person and as a hockey fan, I learned to appreciate Simon’s skills – his flawless skating, nifty passes, excellent vision on the ice, amazing snap shot, wrist shot and exceptional defensive play. The fact he can play on both power play and penalty kill and excel at both. His ability to show up when it truly matters (see his O.T. winners). His dedication to the team, to the game, to the fans. Despite not being quick to drop the gloves he won’t hesitate to stand up for his teammates or himself if it’s needed. He simply has all the qualities I value in the hockey player the most.

Indisputably, his off ice manners are as well a big reason why Simon is my favorite. Always generous, kind and nice to whomever gets to meet him. He never hesitates to give an interview, give an autograph to a fan or take a picture with them. He gives back to the community, donating to charities. He is a beautiful person inside out.



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