• First of all, I would like to wish Simon the happiest of happy birthdays! May you find happiness in whatever path you choose to take. Your playing career might be over, but you’ll remain my most favorite player forever. All the joy and luck you can handle! *** I couldn’t miss the once-in-4-years opportunity and [...]

  • As every off-season, Simon is participating in many regional charity events in Québec, Canada. For the 12th time, Simon held a charity golf tournament which took place last week in Charlesbourg. All the proceeds which were $83.000 this year, went to the Leucan organization. Not even a month later there will be another event – [...]

  • (Québec) Simon Gagné should play with the Philadelphia Flyers for at least another year. If it were up to him, his contract would already be signed. But Paul Holmgren, Flyers’ General Manager, is taking his time while other teams show their interest in the Québec-native forward. More than a week after the beginning of the [...]

  • In an article that Rob Parent published earlier today, the quotes from Simon‘s agent, Bob Sauvé, seems to have tilted the scales a little bit more to the possibility of Gagne’s stay with the Flyers rather than him leaving the team. “We’re still going to talk about it. I know Paul talked to Simon (recently) [...]

  • Simon Gagne spoke to the media following the Flyers practice today.

Recent Updates

Simon Gagné may be from Sainte-Foy, but throughout the years, Philadelphia has become a haven and a second home to him.

Will the 33-year-old veteran be back with the Flyers next season? Nothing is less certain.

Free agent without compensation since July 5th, Gagné is still free like the wind. And even if he didn’t say, with Vincent Lecavalier’s arrival in the city of brotherly love, the Flyers have things to see through.

“I’d love to finish my career in Philadelphia. I enjoyed my return with the Flyers, and the coaches were happy with my performances”, confided Gagné.

“We’re talking with the team,” he continued. “It’s where I want to play, and they are still interested, so we are patient.”

Gagné praised Philadelphia to Lecavalier

For Gagné, Philadelphia is a “natural choice”. And he didn’t hesitate to point out the advantages of the city to Lecavalier before the former Tampa Bay captain made his choice.

“Vincent called me to learn about the place, and to get to know the team’s style of play,” said Gagné. “He wanted to know more about the city and the schools for his children. Let’s just say that I showed Philadelphia in a very good light.”

Around the same time last year, Gagné was parading with the Stanley Cup. This summer, he is looking for a job. Two realities much different from one another.

“I’m 33, so yes, it’s a part of my career. There are ups and downs, and last year, winning the Stanley Cup was a big accomplishment.”

Gagné turns the page

Gagné played his first 10 seasons in the Flyers’ uniform before leaving to the Tampa Bay Lightning, then the Los Angeles Kings. And last season, he had the opportunity to return to his favorite team.

Now, this is all behind him. He has turned the page, even if it hasn’t been easy.

“It took me a good two years before I got over it, and even when I was in Tampa Bay, it was hard. At the beginning, I thought I had the wrong jersey on”, mentioned Gagné.

“But in Los Angeles, I really turned the page,” he continued. “My return went well, and things returned to normal very quickly.”

In 38 games with the Flyers and the Kings this season, Gagné had a total of 16 points, with 5 goals and 11 assists.

source: TVA Sports; Big thank you to my friend Myriam for the translation from French!

In an article that Rob Parent published earlier today, the quotes from Simon‘s agent, Bob Sauvé, seems to have tilted the scales a little bit more to the possibility of Gagne’s stay with the Flyers rather than him leaving the team.

“We’re still going to talk about it. I know Paul talked to Simon (recently) and told him he’s still going to try to work it out. We have confidence Paul is going to be able to do that.”

“I know Simon wants to be in Philadelphia. He’s a true Flyer. So hopefully this will be worked out. It’s a different game today with the salary cap. But I’m comfortable that they’re going to find a way to sign him.”

As it has been said before, Simon hasn’t officially spoken to any other teams besides the Flyers. As Parent says in his article, all the talks Sauvé had with other teams were just informal. Should Gagne leave the Flyers after all, it would be for the second time he would have to leave due to salary cap reasons. First, in 2010, they traded him to the Tampa Bay Lightning to relief themselves from his, at that time, 5.25 million cap hit. This year it’s similar, only the Flyers don’t have enough space under the cap to re-sign him. Possible future trade could create space for Gagne though, so he just probably needs to wait now. And so do we.

source: Delco Times

As Simon voiced back in April after the Flyers’ season came to a close, he would like to stay in the Flyers organization, where he returned last February after spending one season with the Tampa Bay Lightning and one and a half seasons with the LA Kings. Given the team’s situation with their roster and salary cap, it’s understandable that they haven’t given Gagne any offer. Yet… At least that’s what Simon hopes for.

“I had two really good meetings, with both ‘Lavy’ [coach Peter Laviolette] and ‘Homer’ after the season ended. They thought that I did a lot of good things toward the end of the season and liked what I brought to the team.”

“Right now, they have some money issues, which would prevent us from doing anything. The salary cap is complicated and there are rules.”

“My agent has kept in touch with ‘Homer’ and he told us that he would call us before the draft.”

Simon is also confident with his condition, he believes he’s in a good shape.

“I’m 33 and you can start to see the end. I’m really happy with how the season ended. I hadn’t played a lot of hockey. I was hurt, and then the lockout, I only played in the [2012] Stanley Cup finals. Maybe four games in a whole calendar year. It took me some time. But I’m still able to play.”

source: Philly.com

In the latest article on Philly.com Simon talks about his future and expresses his wish to stay in Philadelphia. Here are his quotes:

On his past with injuries etc.:

“You wake up and you feel it. You look at all of the stuff you have gone through – the playoffs, all the games you’ve had to play, all of the injuries, the surgeries. It’s part of the game. I’m not the only one who feels that; there are a lot of guys in here who feel the same way.”

On how he feels right now:

“I’m starting to enjoy the game again, that’s been the main issue. The last 2 years have been a little bit tough. Health was an issue. Not playing as much as I wanted was an issue. I’m back to being healthy again. I’m starting to feel good on the ice. Even when we’re losing right now, I’m having fun coming to the rink. That’s something that, to start the season, I lost a little bit. All that helped me get a good feeling again about the game.”

On Philadelphia:

“This is a place, I always say, that’s maybe the best place for me to play. Is that because it’s the only place I’ve really played? I don’t know. Philly is one of the places that I have good memories, good friends, and my family is comfortable there.”

On the future:

“It would be an easy choice if ‘Homer’ would come to me and ask me to stay. We’ll see. I’m not sure if they’re going to want to make a lot of changes, or what they are thinking. It’s tough to look at our team, tough to judge why we play so poorly sometimes. We don’t have a full lineup, it’s a shortened season.”

On the ‘money issue’:

“I’m at the point of my career where I made really good money for a while. As a player, your goal is to win the Stanley Cup. I did that [with the Kings last season]. I still want to win the Stanley Cup. At the end of the day, money is just a small question. Being happy is important. If I like the place, I’ll make things work – for everyone to be happy, to make sure that it doesn’t hurt the team.”

source: Philly.com

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Simon Gagne spoke to the media following the Flyers practice today.