The “Never Quit” project, that was inspired by “It’s All About Lappy”, was established for (not only) Simon Gagne fans in order to give them an opportunity to show their support of this extraordinary hockey player but most importantly to help a good cause. The “Never Quit” project concentrates on selling t-shirts to raise money which will be donated to charity of Simon Gagne’s choice.

The “Never quit. Believe in your dreams.” quote are words that according to Simon had helped him throughout his whole career. As I found in an article which was published during the off-season that followed Gagne’s head injury:

Obstacles are something every athlete has to overcome. Gagne has a little voice in his head that seems to pop up every time he needs a pep talk. “The voice says, ‘Never quit. Believe in your dreams,’” he said. “I think from the time I was on skates for the first time when I was 2, my dad told me that… at least it was the voice of reason for me. I’d rather not say the name of the coach, but when I was 14-15, I remember that coach telling me I was too small, too skinny to play at the next level. My dad’s words carried me past that obstacle and I heard them again last summer when I was preparing for this season.”

When I was thinking about ideas for the t-shirt design, I stumbled upon this article and the quote immediately caught my attention. Given the purpose of the shirt project, I figured it was well fitting and decided to use it.

If you want to help a good cause by buying the t-shirt you can visit the “Never Quit” store. There are plenty of color variations and combinations for you to choose from. By buying one t-shirt you will donate $8.60, the rest of the t-shirt price is the cost of the shirt and the print (which I have no control over). No part of the t-shirt price will be used for anything else, I will not be keeping a single cent.

Please note that I am not affiliated with Simon Gagne or his management. Simon Gagne is in no way involved in this project (yet ;) )