The official NHL merchandise

You can purchase LA Kings Gagne jersey  (Replica or Authentic) at the Official LA Kings Shop. As of now, they don’t have “pre-made” Gagne jersey so you need to go with the “Customized” one. Player t-shirt is not available at the moment.

If you would like some official licensed NHL Gagne merchandise from any of his previous teams (Philadelphia Flyers or Tampa Bay Lightning) or a Team Canada merchandise, the best stop for you is probably eBay. Good luck!


Unofficial merchandise

If you would like to own something Gagne related but you would prefer it to be funny, with catchy phrase or cool graphic design? I have picked some for you from around the hockey blogosphere. I own some of them myself so don’t hesitate and snatch them for yourself!

Remember to look around the respective stores for different styles of each design.


Charity merchandise

Last but not least, here are also the “Never Quit” shirts. By purchasing these you will donate money to charity! To read more about the project click here.