First of all, I would like to wish Simon the happiest of happy birthdays! May you find happiness in whatever path you choose to take. Your playing career might be over, but you’ll remain my most favorite player forever. :) All the joy and luck you can handle!


thank you

I couldn’t miss the once-in-4-years opportunity and post my wishes on the actual date of Simon’s b-day so I turned to this website after over 2 years of absence. Yes, it has been that long. Sadly, the adult-ish way of life (full-time job and such) had me busier and busier until it became practically impossible for me to give this website the attention it deserved. I know this sort of message was long overdue and I apologize for this.

I founded 5 years ago and gave it my best for about 3 years. It wasn’t the biggest hit of the interwebs but it definitely had its great moments, the “Get Well Soon” project (and Simon’s letter of thanks), the time Simon won the Stanley Cup, or when the website was cited and linked to by most (if not all) writers in Philadelphia (that was quite a mayhem that day :) ) – thanks to this article.

It was a wonderful ride. It was difficult and demanding sometimes, but mostly it was great fun and pleasure to be able to bring you news and updates about such a great player and overall amazing guy Simon Gagne is. I will keep the website up and available for browsing simply because I am a sentimental person and can’t just delete it completely. But as you probably guessed, no more updates (unless something insanely important happens).

So yes, this is it. I would like to thank all the people who made this website possible – John, Myriam, Audrey, Veronique, and anyone who helped me and supported me in this little endevour of mine. And of course, thank you, dear visitors! Even if it was just one person visiting per day, you made it all worth it.

THANK YOU!!! :-*


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Dear visitors, fellow Gagne fans,

as you must’ve noticed in the past few weeks the frequency of the updates on the website has lessened. I am very much sorry for that. Since I am in my final semester of graduate school things have been really crazy for me and it won’t get any better in the upcoming weeks. I am currently working on my diploma thesis and will have to add studying for my final exam soon. This is all very stressful and demanding, and because of that I haven’t been able to post many news on the website. Add the time difference to that – I don’t think I’ll be able to stay up the whole night to watch the few more games left in the Flyers season. Since the pressure will grow as the exam will be drawing near I’m afraid I won’t have time for at all. I hope you can understand that.

But worry not! If everything goes well I should be free by the beginning of June and will come back to continue working on the website as hard as ever before. I will try to make it even better for you, guys. I will try to get you more involved. And I will be bringing you all the important news that have anything to do with Simon. Because that’s what I really love to do :)

In the upcoming weeks I will at least try to keep you updated via Facebook and Twitter. So remember to “like” and “follow”! And make sure to check them out :)

Remember, this is not a goodbye! It’s more of a see you soon :) I just felt the need to give you an explanation of what is going on and why there have been so few updates recently. Thank you again for understanding and I’ll be seeing you soon!

Take care!


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Hello guys!

I’m really happy to end this short “hiatus” that the website was on for the past week and welcome you to the fresh new design! It was a pleasure to dress the site into orange & black so I hope you like it. :) I kept the previous theme though because I find it very user friendly, clean and neat. Of course you can expect the regular updates now as you are used to! Starting now!

Shortly after the Flyers Wives Carnival, where you could meet the Flyers, among whom was also Simon, there’s another opportunity for you to meet him! Sports Vault is organizing a Simon Gagne signing this weekend. It will take place at Sports Vault, King of Prussia Mall Location, on March 16, 2013, from 4:30-6:00 pm. You need to buy tickets though to get the access.

All important infomation can be found here!

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Dear visitors!

I’m sorry I’m slacking on the updates but today I am leaving for the States and it required lot of my time and energy in the last couple days. That being said, due to the long flight etc. I won’t have access to the internet until tomorrow night so there won’t be any updates, unfortunately. I do apologize but I hope you’ll keep visiting! :) Thank you for your patience! I’ll see you very soon!


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two years

Dear visitors,

today it is exactly two years since this website, was launched. Many has changed since that day and I can only hope it was just for better. I hope that everyone who found themselves here enjoyed their time and wanted to return, maybe even regularly. This site has seen Simon’s ups as well as downs – Eastern Conference Finals with the Lightning, the scary injury in said playoffs, his way to LA, his injury that sidelined him for long months (here I would like to remember the “Get Well Soon” project and thank everyone who participated) and also his journey to his first Stanley Cup. It has been amazing and I’m glad I could be here, posting updates, news, pictures, videos… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

I know there’s still a lot that can improve and I can promise you that I will try to work on that. I will try to make even better. I would love to say huge thank you to everyone who showed support to the website, who visited once or repeatedly, I appreciate all of you! Because, as you know, without you this website would be pretty much pointless.

Again, thank you everyone! Here’s to the next two years!

- Katie

PS: On this occasion I have decided to finally open a Facebook Page for If you like, show it! ;)

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Hello, dear visitors, hockey fans, Simon Gagne fans and all good people that found their way to this website. First, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who ever paid a visit here and even bigger thanks to everyone who keep coming back. It’s that more special given the fact that we don’t have a hockey season right now and it doesn’t seem we will have any time soon. That of course is a reason why there’s so few updates and the website seems to be in some kind of hibernation. I promise you though, that will change once NHL hockey is back.

Now, I would love to wish you all Happy Holidays! I hope you get to spend these lovely days the way you want to, with your loved ones, happy and most of all healthy. May you find under the Christmas tree what you wished for and may your year 2013 be filled with love and joy. Hopefully I’ll see you soon with some hockey updates!

I love you and thank you again for giving this site a purpose.

Merry Christmas!


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