(Québec) According to the rumors, Simon Gagné is about to sign a new contract with the Philadelphia Flyers. Careful however, he said that as long as his signature isn’t fresh at the bottom of the document, he wouldn’t announce his official return to the City of Brotherly Love.

“Nothing’s official as long as the contract isn’t signed,” said the number 12. “But we had good discussions, last Thursday, before my golf tournament. It’s for that reason that I’m more confident than I was before. We have to meet again this week to see what we can do. There’s trust on both sides. I just hope everything will be taken care of soon.”

“In the best of worlds, things would wrap up quickly and I’d have a contract in my pocket,” added Gagné. “But there’s no deadline. As long as we’re talking, that both sides agree and that trust is there… We are now ready to be a little more patient, since we’re talking with the Philadelphia Flyers.”

When asked to put a percentage on the likelyhood of him wearing the Flyers’ jersey for the 2013-2014 season, Gagné pointed out that he couldn’t accurately evaluate his chances, only say that he feels they are pretty high. “But in the world of hockey, we never know. Nothing’s ever set in stone. It’s a business. I lived it in 2010. But as long as there’s mutual trust between the two parties, my return with the Flyers is likely, but I don’t want to talk about a percentage for now.”

Loyal to the orange jersey

Even if his return to Philadelphia was not confirmed, the Flyers’ jersey was present along with the Bruins’, Tuesday, during the Pro-Am Gagné-Bergeron press conference. It was even announced that that Leucan’s team, where the ex-Remparts would play, was to be named the Flyers.

“For now, it’s the jersey Leucan’s team players will wear August 8th. And if there are any changes to be made until then, they will be made. Like I already said, I’m confident that things will wrap up, but if it’s not the case, we’ll wear another jersey”, mentioned Gagné who did not wear the famous orange Jersey in the pictures for the media.

“On one hand, it was a delicate situation. But on the other, I’m not ashamed to wear the Flyers’ jersey, the team that drafted me and helped me grow for 11 seasons. I will always be apart of the Flyers’ family no matter what happens. When you play for the same team for more than five or six years, your name stays ingraved in the organization. That’s probably why I’m being patient and maybe a little too loyal to the team, but I’m ready to do it because it’s a team where I had a lot of fun and where I have a lot of good memories.”

source: La Presse; Big thank you to my friend Myriam for the translation from French!

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    So are the flyers going to sign him or what. What is taking so long I’d like to see gagne retire as a flyer.

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