In an article that Rob Parent published earlier today, the quotes from Simon‘s agent, Bob Sauvé, seems to have tilted the scales a little bit more to the possibility of Gagne’s stay with the Flyers rather than him leaving the team.

“We’re still going to talk about it. I know Paul talked to Simon (recently) and told him he’s still going to try to work it out. We have confidence Paul is going to be able to do that.”

“I know Simon wants to be in Philadelphia. He’s a true Flyer. So hopefully this will be worked out. It’s a different game today with the salary cap. But I’m comfortable that they’re going to find a way to sign him.”

As it has been said before, Simon hasn’t officially spoken to any other teams besides the Flyers. As Parent says in his article, all the talks Sauvé had with other teams were just informal. Should Gagne leave the Flyers after all, it would be for the second time he would have to leave due to salary cap reasons. First, in 2010, they traded him to the Tampa Bay Lightning to relief themselves from his, at that time, 5.25 million cap hit. This year it’s similar, only the Flyers don’t have enough space under the cap to re-sign him. Possible future trade could create space for Gagne though, so he just probably needs to wait now. And so do we.

source: Delco Times

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