As Simon voiced back in April after the Flyers’ season came to a close, he would like to stay in the Flyers organization, where he returned last February after spending one season with the Tampa Bay Lightning and one and a half seasons with the LA Kings. Given the team’s situation with their roster and salary cap, it’s understandable that they haven’t given Gagne any offer. Yet… At least that’s what Simon hopes for.

“I had two really good meetings, with both ‘Lavy’ [coach Peter Laviolette] and ‘Homer’ after the season ended. They thought that I did a lot of good things toward the end of the season and liked what I brought to the team.”

“Right now, they have some money issues, which would prevent us from doing anything. The salary cap is complicated and there are rules.”

“My agent has kept in touch with ‘Homer’ and he told us that he would call us before the draft.”

Simon is also confident with his condition, he believes he’s in a good shape.

“I’m 33 and you can start to see the end. I’m really happy with how the season ended. I hadn’t played a lot of hockey. I was hurt, and then the lockout, I only played in the [2012] Stanley Cup finals. Maybe four games in a whole calendar year. It took me some time. But I’m still able to play.”


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