A little over a week ago you might’ve noticed people claiming on Twitter that Simon had a tumor removed. Even though I tried to disprove those rumors, there were obviously still some people who believed the cancer talk. John Hoven from Mayor’s Manor fortunately talked directly to Simon about it and he dispeled the incorrect information. Here’s a bit from Mayor’s article:

Simon Gagne has enough to worry about without some people thinking he had cancer too.

It seems much of the recent confusion stemmed from a tweet posted by an Edmonton reporter when the Kings were in Canada to play the Oilers.

Because some people read too much into that tweet, Gagne offered a little more clarity on the situation.

“It was free, it was cancer free,” said the 32-year old left wing. “They had to call it a tumor because it’s a mass on your neck. As soon as you have a mass, it’s called a tumor. So, I was a little scared too when they told me that at first. But, then they explained it’s not anywhere any close to cancer. It’s just like a mass that they remove and after they removed it they sent it to the lab to make sure everything was fine.”

Yes, not all tumors are cancerous.

 source: Mayor’s Manor

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