(Quebec) While his teammates were still celebrating the Stanley Cup they won the week before, the Los Angeles Kings forward, Simon Gagne, was on a surgery table. The June 18th, he underwent a surgery to remove a mass in his neck the size of a tennis ball. For the #12 the procedure could be the answer to the pain he felt in the last few seasons.

For three years, Simon Gagne was living with this mass in his neck. Neither Flyers nor Lighning doctors dared to touch it. Ironically, it was another injury he suffered on December 26th, that forced the best Los Angeles specialists to look further.

“Because I was already injured, they [the LA doctors] decided to not take any chances and treated my injury like it was a concussion and they made tests. After 5 months, they realized that a surgery was possible, with a chance of a full recovery, with no subsequent issues. It’s been already 3 weeks and I’m feeling really good. I’m very happy I did it. After all, we have the Stanley Cup. So it’s #1!” Happily said the left winger, who was enjoying his day with the precious trophy.

The mass they took out of Gagne’s neck was a tissue accumulation, caused by multiple hits he got. It was probably the reason of his chronic pain, for a long time blamed on concussions. All the tests made them realize it was, in fact, a “capsule” which could be removed without any risks. Since the surgery, the hockey player’s life changed radically.

“For 2 years, I had a lot of problems. I was taking a lot of medications to ease the pain and feel comfortable. In the mornings, it was painful and stiff. Like I was suffering from a stiff-neck everyday. The first year, it wasn’t so bad. But after 2 or 3 years, 365 days per year, when you wake up with pain, it’s become really bothering,” he admited.

Unexpected turn

For a moment, he even thought his career was over. But it took an unexpected turn.

“When it happened, the doctors told me it was another concussion. At that moment, you think it’s over. But after 2 weeks it didn’t feel like a concussion. In Tampa, I injured my neck and what I was feeling was more similar to that. I thought it wasn’t so bad and I kept training. I thought that maybe there was no danger and the doctors confirmed it after a while.”

The Kings’ forward finally could come back to play, just in time to play in 4 Stanley Cup Final games against the Devils, allowing his name to be on the Stanley Cup.

The former Remparts star now hopes that the surgery will allow him to play longer. “I can’t give any guarantees but fixing that problem might make my career a bit longer.”

source: Le Soleil; big thank you to my friend Véro for the translation from French!

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  1. Gmo says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! Hope you have an awesome 2012/2013 season . You look great with the cup.

    GO GAGNE GO!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Central Coast King says:

    Fantastic news Simon, We here in L.A. and surrounding counties feel you are awesome!!! and can’t wait to see you healthy and skating 100%. Be confident you are loved here as a KING and we appreciate you and your hard work. I am very pleased to see you hoist the cup with us and hope to see you do it gain. Have a quick recovery and we will be watching for you in October. GKG.

  3. OneTimer says:

    WOW … this is very amazing and encouraging news!! It truly sounds like this could be an ABSOLUTE difference maker for you, and not only for our Cup-defending season, but possibly longer. (This is also very BAD news for 29 other NHL teams!)

    I’m still thrilled that you play for LA, and I love watching you skate – so graceful yet so dangerous.

    Go Kings GO!

  4. Michael says:

    Hey Simon! Your ability to come back and play in the Finals was truly inspiring. I am glad that you were able to win the Cup with my favorite team, the KINGS! I hope that next year can be just as memorable.

  5. Andy says:

    You did it Simon! The Cup is yours and so awesome to see you hoisting it in the pic above. On behalf of almost all Flyers fans (some as you know are pricks for pricks sake) we miss you and wish you only the best. Glad the surgery was successful and enjoy the rest of your summer. Look forward to a great season from you in 2012.

    p.s Playing NHL 2012 with #12 in your honor. You were and always will be one of the greatest Flyers!

  6. Bpuckhead89 says:

    From a longtime Gagne fan in Philly, here’s to many more years for Simon!! Though I’d love to see you back in the orange and black, it was awesome to see you hoist the Cup. God Bless

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