Taking advantage of holding his annual golf tournament at the Wildlife Club in Charlesbourg, the Los Angeles Kings’ Simon Gagne took the famous Stanley Cup with him, as his team won it last spring by beating the New Jersey Devils in six games.

“I went to Jean-Lesage airport this morning at 7:30 to pick up the Cup”, said Simon Gagne, surrounded by journalists in a place specially arranged to display the famous trophy. “I went to my parents’ house where was about 150 people, including my family, my wife’s family, and friends. I thought that maybe we wouldn’t have enough time for everybody to get a picture with the Cup, but it turned out fine. The Leucan institute will enjoy the Cup this afternoon. I’ll be in “Le Relais” Center at 4 PM for an hour and a half, then I’ll come back for a couple hours after my tournament.”

The 300 golfers, who participated in the tournament (there were two rounds, one at 7 AM and the other at 1 PM), were lucky enough to pose next to the Kings’ forward and the Stanley Cup.

“Winning the Stanley Cup puts an end to an emotional year for me”, indicated Simon Gagne. “I’m still surprised by the public enthusiastic reaction to this win against the Devils. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 12 years, and I get emotional when I think of all the sacrifices I made in my career and when I think of all the support my family has given me. I also think that everything happened for a reason, especially when I think about the time I signed with the Kings. I met with the best doctors following my injury, they discovered that I had a neck injury. I even got a surgery soon enough to fix it. I can tell you, I feel great.”

For the second year in a row, Raphael Martel was the spokeperson of Leucan for the Gagne Golf Tournament. He even got to play in the second round, something he didn’t get to do last year.

“It’s really fun to be in this tournament and to meet Simon Gagne,” said the young man, who has leukemia. “I’ve been able to meet with a lot of people. This year I won’t get to meet a lot of hockey players, but I will do so next year.”

The reason why Raphael Martel didn’t get to meet with other players aside from Gagne is because it’s  a non-spoken rule that no other NHL player should show up at an event where the Stanley Cup is shown.

“It’s been this way so that everyone can focus on the player who won it with his team. That’s why there aren’t any other NHL players here today. But, since we’ve once again had the maximum amount of players in this tournament today, we’re not going to forget the Leucan Institute”, concluded Gagné.

source: Québec Hebdo; big thank you to my friend Audrey for the translation from French!

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