The road a Stanley Cup champion can travel with the famous trophy can be long. After stopping at his brother’s business, at his family house in Sainte-Foy and at the Golf Club “La Faune” in Charlesbourg, the Kings’ player who lives in Lac-Beauport, Simon Gagne, took the Stanley Cup to the Ski Center “Le Relais”, where hundreds of fans were allowed to be photographed with it.

The joy of the adults, many of whom were there with their families, when they got to see the trophy that took Simon Gagne 12 years to win, was definitely something to see.

“As someone who lives here, it brings me a great pleasure to share it with you [the fans]“, said Gagne. “I’ll be at Le Relais for a little more than an hour an a half, I’d like to take pictures with all of you [the fans]. It’s been an emotional year for me. I’m still surprised to see how excited people got when we won against the Devils. I’m getting emotional when I think of all the sacrifices my family had to make, and the ones I made in my career, when I think of all the support I’ve gotten from my parents and my family.”

Free passes were available to get a picture with Gagne and the Cup. It took 25 minutes at the “Bois Franc Gagné” store and a little more than an hour at the mayor’s office in Lac-Beauport for all the 110 passes to be gone.

“Simon is really proud of what he accomplished with the Kings this spring,” his father, Pierre Gagne, said. “His idea was to share his joy with as many people as possible. I was lucky enough to see the 6 games against the Devils. Having Simon back gave a boost to the team. That’s what several players said after the finals. He feels like he did his duty, and he’s very happy to give the Stanley Cup to the fans. He’ll end the day with his long-time friends.”

source: Québec Hebdo; big thank you to my friend Audrey for the translation from French!

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