The hockey fans who wish to take a good look at the Stanley Cup could do so on Friday (July 13). Los Angeles Kings’ Simon Gagne will be at the Ski Center “Le Relais” in Lac-Beauport from 4 PM to 5:30 PM.

The professional hockey player,  who will also hold his annual golf tournament at the “Club de la Faune” that Friday, chose to show the prestigious trophy in the town he’s been living for a few years. 

110 lucky fans will have the privilege to be photographed with the player and the Stanley Cup. 60 passes will be given for free at Bois Franc Gagné, on 2800 Saint-Jean-Baptiste avenue in Québec City, and 50 others will be available in the mayor’s office in Lac Beauport (65 st. Tour-du-Lac). The distribution of these passes will be from 8: 30 PM on Wednesday (July 11) at both locations mentioned above using the formula “first come, first served”. People who don’t get a free pass can still go to the Centre Le Relais and wait in line. If there’s time left, they can still hope to get a picture with the Kings’ forward and the Stanley Cup.

I would genuinely like to apologize for informing you about this so late. I was incredibely busy in school and in work. I’m really sorry and if any of you decide to go to the event, I really hope you get your picture with Simon and the Cup despite not getting the free pass.

source: Québec Hebdo; big thank you to my friend Audrey for the translation from French!

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