Dear visitors, I am happy to announce that what I had been thinking about and working on for months is now finally reality. Let me introduce you a new project that was established in order to raise money for charity which hopefully will be chosen by Simon Gagne. The project is called “Never Quit” and as the headline suggests it concentrates on selling t-shirts. Variations of colors are available in the store so don’t hesitate and check it out! If you decide to buy a shirt, you will be donating $8.60 (the rest of the t-shirt price is the cost of the shirt and the print).

I hope you like the shirts and their design, for which I would like to thank KreiderDesigns! Terrific job so thank you, Shaun. To read more information about the “Never Quit” project click here. Check out the store, buy some shirts, help a good cause and spread the word!

Thank you!

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